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Students with extenuating circumstances, who have maintained satisfactory academic progress, may be eligible for a 4 week paid course extension. Satisfactory academic progress is defined as regularly participating in a course by submitting an assignment according to the posted schedule or every 2-3 weeks on average for independent study courses. Eligibility and approval for an extension is based upon: program of study, the specific course format, the satisfactory completion of a minimum of three UNITS of which two must have been previously graded prior to the official completion date, and the submission of this completed form in its entirety. Extensions cannot be used to extend financial aid and/or deferment eligibility and requests cannot be processed until the $165 ($150.00 for courses started prior to July 1, 2016) per course fee has been received.

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Extension fee requests are $165 ($150.00 for courses started prior to July 1, 2016) per course. Payment information must be submitted in order for your request to be considered.

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